Alderbrooke Search

Our search offering is bespoke, discreet and focused on finding the right solution for our clients and candidates. We take pride in the integrity of our process, which is the bedrock of our proposition. We are forensic in our due diligence and we work in partnership with your leadership team to really understand your needs. This enables us to advocate your proposition, challenge assumptions and deliver superior outcomes.

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Alderbrooke Culture

CultureScope decodes your company culture to enable you to better understand the impact of behaviours within your organisation. We provide an easy to understand picture of your overall organisation’s culture giving both a holistic and granular view at regional, divisional, functional or even individual level.

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Alderbrooke Skill

We can work with you to develop a completely customisable competency framework for each and every role in your company. With our techniques you will be able to benchmark internal and external talent against your own expectations, and assess those high performers to see what ‘great’ looks like in your organisation.

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Alderbrooke Team

A collective of great individuals does not automatically make a great team. Using our unique and innovative methods, we teach your leadership team to fly a commercial airplane which brings powerful lessons from the cockpit into the boardroom. This particularly focusses on communication, delegation and decision making.

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Welcome To Alderbrooke Group

Alderbrooke provides executive search and advisory services specialising in assessment and diagnostics. We work with boards, management teams and human resources to help our clients deliver and exceed strategic objectives by providing retained search and innovative performance diagnostic tools that measure, assess and develop talent, turning insight into a strategic advantage.