Press Release

New Partnership To Help Businesses Pinpoint Behaviours To Drive Inclusion And Unlock Potential

London, UK – 16 January 2018:  Alderbrooke Group and Global Diversity Practice (GDP) have joined forces to help businesses pinpoint the behaviours needed to build an inclusive culture and devise innovative solutions to address specific issues and opportunities.

With organisations allocating significant budgets to tackling diversity and inclusion, this partnership will allow businesses to make data-driven decisions about how best to allocate their resources in order to deliver tangible results and drive competitive advantage.

The partnership combines Alderbrooke’s award-winning CultureScope behavioural analytics tools with Global Diversity Practice’s proven expertise in delivering effective and integrated diversity and inclusion programmes to enable organisations to drive meaningful cultural change.

Organisations that leverage diversity and inclusiveness have been shown to improve performance across all metrics, from increased shareholder value, to higher profits, employee retention and customer satisfaction.

Alderbrooke is building a formidable reputation as the go to culture and behavioural diagnostic organisation and we are delighted to be working with the GDP team to link diagnosis measurements with action. We are very much looking forward to working with GDP in delivering exceptional solutions to organisations both in the private and public sector, as they strive to build a diverse and inclusive culture.” Bharat Shah, Chairman, Alderbrooke

“Businesses increasingly recognise the impact that a more diverse and inclusive culture can play on productivity, customer experience and the delivery of new products and services. While it’s easy to identify the symptoms – few women or BAME at board level, high employee turnover for example – it is essential to link these factors back to the behaviours that are driving the negative culture in the first place. Combined, GDP and Alderbrooke will be able to pinpoint the behaviours that are specifically creating a culture that excludes, and then to tailor a programme to deal specifically with those issues. The output of our collaboration will be evidenced in more inclusive culture, representative talent pipelines and superior business results.” Farrah Qureshi, CEO, Global Diversity Practice

For more information please contact Deborah Lewis at T: +44 (0)7710 344370 E