Great individuals can be a powerful influence on the success of your business, but one of the biggest determinants is how your teams work together. Just look at how teams come together in sports, or how a superb film cast makes the sum greater than the parts. Just because a film is full of stars or a sports team has the best players does not guarantee a blockbuster or winning the league.

Our TeamScope programme brings teams together in a unique way — by teaching them how to fly a commercial aeroplane. Researched and developed by the US military to train submariners and by NASA for astronauts, we have adapted this innovative approach for the commercial world. Using the most advanced airline flight simulators, your leadership team will achieve great things that they would have previously thought impossible.

This innovative tool enables employees and teams to exchange information easily, resulting in better communication, more supporting behaviours and the opportunity to show greater initiative. By sharing their decision-making and managing complex situations and behaviours together, teams also develop and learn throughout the process.