Why is one company more successful than another even if they provide the same product or service? It’s all about the people.

It is no coincidence that the World Champions of Rally Car and Formula One are two different people. Both are drivers and champions, but both have slightly different talents and this is also true in business. Your people determine the success of your business.

We can ensure you have the right people doing the right job. Our tool places you in control of how you benchmark talent. It is a world away from traditional personality profiles which assess individuals against a broad and anonymous benchmark of people that bear no resemblance to your organisation.

TalentScope turns this model on its head by putting you, the employer, in control. We know that each organisation – and position – is unique, which means that each role will require its own mix of competencies.

TalentScope allows you to customise your own competency benchmarks across 36 dimensions and four ‘clusters’ to measure candidates and incumbents against these standards. This targeted approach ensures that the talent pool is perfectly aligned to the requirements of your business – and the role in question. As a result, TalentScope enables you to assess candidates based on benchmarks that show what “great” looks like in your organisation.