Corporate culture is one of the most critical levers for creating shareholder value and driving organisational performance, yet one that most companies underutilise. Up until now culture has been extremely difficult to measure and transform as the underlying drivers are invisible.




CultureScope was awarded the People’s Choice award at the prestigious Wharton People Analytics Conference 2017.

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CultureScope is a ground-breaking solution which measures the key dimensions of an organisation’s culture through behavioural analytics, delivering actionable insights to the CEO and senior executive team. These insights, combined with the business strategy and KPIs, predict outcomes which improve business performance, reduce risk and generate sustainable value.

This solution addresses a range of business challenges by measuring how both the individual and organisation behave across 15 critical behavioural dimensions using a cloud based platform. By measuring these two aspects: firstly, how I behave in a corporate environment and secondly, how I see the organisation behaving, core insights can be drawn and key focus areas for improvement can be identified.

CultureScope is an innovative and scientifically validated approach to behavioural and cultural measurement, based on a seven-year research study with over 51,000 participants, in 61 countries across 60 organisations and supported by 3 business schools.

This behavioural driven approach to measuring culture has now been delivered across 71 countries in 10 languages. It was awarded the People’s Choice award at the prestigious Wharton People Analytics Conference in 2017.

CultureScope is in a league of its own compared to traditional approaches to measuring culture. Culture is often mistaken for formalised organisational values or employee engagement levels, rather than how people behave. Whilst improving employee engagement can be a powerful force for driving organisational performance, engagement trends to rise and fall quickly in response to transient business choices, which affect employee feelings. In simple terms, CultureScope measures individual and organisational behaviours and not feelings / sentiment.

CultureScope provides Boards, CEOs and leadership teams with insights to the following critical questions in order to drive superior performance:


What is the current culture of the organisation and how aligned is it with our strategy?


What is the gap between our current and desired culture?


What are the behavioural changes required to drive culture change to achieve our strategy?


How well do our organisational structure and practises support our ideal culture and minimise risk?


How do we consider culture in our talent management strategy in order to attract, develop and retain talent?


How can Boards and CEOs enhance performance by placing culture on the Board and top management agenda?

For the first time CEOs have the ability to unlock the full potential of their organisation by measuring and understanding the hidden drivers underpinning their culture, ensuring a true alignment with the business strategy and talent.

CultureScope’s five Step Implementation Framework


Success Stories

CultureScope has helped clients to address a number of business challenges and opportunities by identifying the hidden barriers that prevent customer-centricity, inhibit performance, hinder digital transformation, block inclusive behaviours, hamper collaboration, restrict agile working and increase critical risks.

“It is an innovative tool that allows us to measure behaviour, cut the information in lots of different ways and identify development areas” Santander

“It has changed the way we hire. It is providing a dimension of data that historically was not available… extremely powerful” Dashboard

“Extremely insightful, very straightforward very simple. You can see the results then and there” Nikko Asset Management

“It could help to fundamentally change the way we provide services” EY

“It’s a win win win. A win for employers, employees and regulators” Santander

“It’s amazing how much we learnt about who we are” FMCG Group

CultureScope’s goal is to help organisations take the guesswork out of cultural transformation, by applying workforce science and predictive analytics. Simply put, decoding your culture to drive your business forward.

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